03 Aug The 5 Commandments For The Ultimate Man Cave

Ultimate Man Cave

Remember your single days when your Star Wars figures were “Ornaments” and your Baywatch poster was “Art”? Ah the simple times when candles were only useful for starting fires and Lynx was the ultimate perfume money could buy.

Of course you’re a grown up now and your tastes have matured, perhaps with the help of a certain lady who shares your life with you and that’s a good thing.

But do you have a basement which is a little neglected? Or a spare room tucked away which is doing nothing? Or maybe you have a loft or Garage space which is only holding junk at the moment. What a waste. Perhaps in the back of your mind you’ve thought to yourself, one day, I’m going to turn that in to my ‘ultimate man cave’ – after all, Batman has one, Ironman has one – why shouldn’t you?

Well…they’re not real people, but that’s irrelevant!

You Must Decorate Like The Stylish Grown Man You Are

The first thing you need to do is decide on a theme and by theme we do not mean “superhero” or your football team, remember we don’t want your ultimate man cave looking like a 10 year olds bedroom. By theme we mean colour palette, fabrics and furnishings. Is your style modern and minimal, sleek design pieces and cool art on the walls. Or is it more traditional, dark colour scheme, open fire, leather chesterfield and walls lined with your favourite books. Whatever it may be let your man caves decor be true to you. And guys, all that stuff you think is stupid and girly, cushions, curtains and throws? You’ll soon realise a room needs all of those things to feel finished so don’t skip them and make your man cave a room you and your mates actually want to hang out in.

Games Room

The Cave Must Have Purpose

A man cave has got to be a functional room, not somewhere you will sit in the dark by yourself (hopefully), so what is it that you and your mates like doing? Is sports your thing? Then AV needs to be the focus meaning watching the match at your house is second only to being in the stadium itself. Or are you musical meaning you’ll be wanting to have more than a few jam sessions? Maybe you and the lads prefer to play cards, poker anyone? Once you’ve figured out what your going to be doing in your man cave, the ideas should flow from there.

Music Room

You Must Display The Trophy Piece That Makes You Proud

This is a show stopping piece that has a story to it. It might be something you won in a poker game, something interesting you collected on your travels or some amazing memorabilia you managed to get your jammy little hands on. Choose wisely, this has got to be a very special item and something you can display with pride.

The Bar Must Be Stocked… At All Times

An unstocked bar in any man cave is sacrilege. Again this is all about what you enjoy, does it need to be ice cold beers, your favourite single malt or are you more of a wine connoisseur? Do you need ice available, a sink, a fridge? Or it may be as simple as a bar cart. And you’ll need something to drink out of, amazing glassware and don’t forget the bottle opener! Whatever tipple you enjoy, just make sure there’s plenty of it and your on to a winner. Bottoms up!


You Must Have Atmospheric Lighting

Ok we know this sounds a little weird, why would you need atmospheric lighting to hang out with your mates? But trust us, we are guessing that whatever it is you plan to do in your man cave, you’re going to need more options than blindingly bright or pitch black, so give it a little thought. Side lamps and adjustable dimmer switches mean you can set just the right mood to relax and still hopefully be able to see what you’re doing. We won’t go there by suggesting candles…

Follow these commandments and you will have the ultimate man cave. Maybe next week we should write an article on how to get your friends to leave?

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