23 Mar Why consider Dropcam for home or business?

If you have been thinking about making your home or small business more secure, you may want to consider what Dropcam have to offer.

Dropcam is a small camera, which can broadcast what’s happening at home to your phone, iPad or laptop. The system features hi definition streaming, night vision and two-way communication. All with bank level security – so only the people you choose to see it can watch.

So why would I use Dropcam?




Dropcam is affordable, convenient and simple to set up. Their website gives examples of users who have managed to save their pets and their home from a fire which they were alerted to via the device. That’s another great thing about Dropcam – the alerts. If there’s motion or sound in your home at an unexpected time, the system can drop you an intelligent alert.



Night vision makes Dropcam an ideal baby monitor. Even if you’re downstairs or miles away from home, you can check on your baby any time. Two-way talk allows you to sing them a lullaby or say hello when you’re not there. There’s no replacement for being with your loved ones, but when you just can’t, Dropcam is the next best thing.



How does your puppy open all the kitchen drawers? How does your cat manage to open the doors around the home? Do your Cat and Dog get on as well as they try to make out they do? Dropcam can help you to solve these perplexing mysteries! Again with notifications you can also receive an alert if the puppy is on the sofa or if the kitten is cruising the counter tops. With two way communication you can give them a little friendly advice over the built in speaker.



All over the world, businesses are using Dropcam as a simple security device. The system allows you to have more than one camera if you need to. You can also make your stream public to allow your customers to see what’s happening at your premises. Are you a barber? You could use Dropcam to allow your customers to check how long the queue is before they pop down for a haircut. Run a music shop? You could live stream a performance to your customers who aren’t able to be there. The great thing about Dropcam is that you can use it as a security device but it also doubles up as a promotional tool if you use it in a smart way.



Another feature of Dropcam is cloud recording. You can keep up to a month of footage. It can capture great moments in yours or your kid’s lives and you can share that with friends and family. You can even create a time lapse of those really special days.

Whilst there are other systems out there, Dropcam comes highly recommended due to its high definition 1080p recording, bank level security and its 130 degree field of view – which means it can see a lot more without the need to pan or zoom the camera.

If you are looking for an entry-level security system that doesn’t need to break the bank, Dropcam is a great option. Home automation trailblazers Nest obviously agree as they recently added Dropcam to their suite of products.

If you’re interested in Dropcam or a more advanced home security system, talk to Tage London – we’re security experts and nest professionals.