Savant Home Automation

The Savant home automation system is truly unique. It allows you to control and create complex routines from the touch of a button. For instance, let’s say you want to trigger your morning wakeup routine, at the set time, Savant can open the shades to let in the morning sun and start boiling the kettle. Or when you are leaving the house, it can lower the shades, set the alarm and turn off all the lights at the touch of a button on your phone. Or lets say you want to set the mood for dinner for two, it can dim the lights and turn on a mellow Spotify playlist. It can provide you with alerts on your phone when your loved ones return home and can help you out by triggering a routine that switches on a kids TV show when they return home from school. As day turns to night, it can gradually trigger the lights depending on the ambient light levels, or manage the temperature in your home. The Savant system is so customizable, some users have even set it up to extend a retractable diving board when they are using the swimming pool.


Savant truly has something for everyone that can be tailored to what you need from your home. With Savant, the next time you get that “did I lock the front door” panic, you can relax – simply lock the front door from your phone. Bring your home in to the 21st century with the Savant Home Automation system.