The Nest Learning Thermostat is built with energy saving technology at its core. As its name suggests, each time you adjust the temperature, it learns your habits and your schedule. From the information it receives, it creates a custom schedule for your home and turns itself down when your home is empty. Nest can save you up to 20% on your heating and cooling bills. If your home has air conditioning, Nest match optimizes controls for your heating and cooling system. If you need to control your heating remotely you can also access your nest system from an app on your smart phone or tablet. As time goes on, more and more systems are becoming integrated with nest. For instance, if you drive a Mercedes, it can link with your nest system to make sure your house is warm when you arrive home. No more freezing house when you return from holiday. The nest apps are available in English, Spanish and French and can operate in Celsius or Fahrenheit, so your nest thermostat installation can be customised to your preferences.

Nest Protect Smoke Alarm

Nest Protect Smoke Alarm

Nest also offer a smoke alarm product called Nest Protect. This is an advanced smoke and carbon monoxide detector with a difference. It doesn’t just sound a loud alarm each time you burn the toast, it speaks to you and tells you where the problem is.




  • The smoke and carbon monoxide sensors work together along with heat sensors, so it can detect a genuine emergency
  • If nest protect senses that smoke or carbon monoxide levels are rising but have not yet reached emergency alarm levels, it will give you a heads up
  • You can receive notifications on your mobile if battery levels are low and in an emergency situation the nest mobile app will give you a reminder of your action plan and will even give you one button access to your emergency services number
  • Vocal alarms – studies have shown that children may sleep through beeping alarms, so the nest protect also features a female vocal alert to help ensure your family wake up in an emergency
  • Nest protect alarms can be wirelessly connected to each other if you have more than one, so in an emergency situation all alarms will sound throughout the house
  • Shower in peace – advanced algorithms stop the alarm from being triggered by steam
  • Pathlight – will light the way when the alarm sounds

Nest Thermostat and Nest Protect Installation

Tage London are proud to be Nest Pro Installers. If you require nest thermostat installation, or nest protect installation, we can supply and fit the system, connect it to your wifi and give you a demonstration of how to use the system. Contact Tage London today to discuss your Smart home system installation.