16 Feb Our Services – Basement Conversions

With everybody looking for ways to maximise the space they have in their home, basement conversions are really taking hold and becoming a popular option, especially in London. A basement conversion will set you back around £300 per sq ft, but with London property having an average cost per sq ft of £1204, according to 2014 figures, it is safe to say a basement conversion is a sound investment.

You have 2 basic options, refurbish an existing basement or excavate a new one. The plus with a basement conversion is that it is easily accessible from other living areas meaning it is easy to incorporate into your home and use it for whatever suits your family best. It doesn’t have to be the dark, damp space you may be imagining. There are ingenious way’s of bringing light in, or you can make it into a warm cosy space. From the truly fabulous to the truly practical, here are a few examples we think are amazing, to prove how a basement conversion could transform your home and maybe your life?

Wine Cellar London
Spectacular Basement Conversion London
Basement Swimming Pool
Basement Cinema Room
Industrial Basement Kitchen
Modern Rooflight
Basement Conversion London
Light Basement Kitchen London

OK, so maybe it’s not practical for all of us to have an awesome wine cellar in the basement (sigh), but there are some great elements that could be incorporated into your basement conversion. If you want to talk through your options with a team who are knowledgable, creative and design conscious, then we are your guys (and girls).

Take care everyone and have a lovely week!