07 Apr Need to Know 2015 Kitchen Trends – Warm Metallics

We hope everyone in the UK had a great long weekend and enjoyed the sunshine who finally decided to show his face! This month here at Tage HQ we wanted to focus on four of our favourite kitchen trends that have been causing a stir in the interior design world in 2015. Spring is a time for refreshing and updating and what better place to start than the heart of the home?

Gone are the days when the kitchen was dominated by stainless steel. The warmer metallics made an appearance in 2014 and 2015 has shown that they have become a mainstay in any stylish, modern kitchen.

Copper, marble, charcoal kitchen

Bronze, gold and copper are no longer kept just for the traditional kitchen. With designers putting out beautifully sleek creations using these warmer metals, (like the gorgeous tap below by Watermark Design Studio) they can be used to create warmth and drama in the most modern of kitchens.

Amazing copper and marble tap

You can incorporate the metals in a subtle or dramatic way, using taps, pendants, architectural hoods, sinks or even worktops. These warmer metallics seem to make more of a statement than your traditional chrome or stainless steel even when used in the most functional way. We love the combination of gold or copper with an extremely dark shade of charcoal grey or navy.

Gold architectural hood

Stay tuned for more kitchen trends that we know you will love!