19 Jan Worthwhile Restorations

There are so many beautiful buildings that are begging for somebody with a big heart and an even bigger imagination to take them on and lovingly refurbish them. We tip our hats to those people, it is not an easy pursuit but is it worthwhile? We say a resounding yes! Even though the road may be bumpy, to reach the end of a renovation project with a house that has been restored back to its former glory is truly satisfying. Through our many renovation and refurbishment projects we have gathered a few tips along the way and thought these might be helpful to anyone who is new to the game.

Stately Home
Do Your Research

How long has the property been on the market? If it has been more than a few months we would advise being cautious. Don’t be afraid to ask why it hasn’t sold. The last thing you want to do is end up buying a money pit, chances are if it hasn’t already sold, there is a good reason. Most tradesman will come along and give you an estimate for free so bring along electricians, plumbers, damp specialists and roofers to make sure you have a really solid idea of what you are taking on.

Hire the Right Contractor

This is for two main reasons:

  1. You are going to be spending a lot of time with them over the next few months, they will be in your house day in and day out. Good communication and a healthy working relationship from the very beginning will save a lot of headaches and heartaches.
  2. We are guessing the reason you wanted this house in the first place was because you were swept off your feet by its charm and character. Whichever contractor you hire must have the same love and respect for the original features, doing their utmost to maintain and repair wherever they can. A sympathetic contractor is key.
Listed Buildings

If the building is listed, planning permission is required for any changes you would want to make, including interiors, so it is worth bearing in mind before buying.

On The Money

Most people who have taken on a refurbishment project will tell you it cost a great deal more than they anticipated, sometimes even double. There may be surprises hidden in every room so allow for this in your budget and build in a contingency of at least 15%.

Windows, Windows, Windows

When renovating a house, the windows are one thing you do not want to get wrong. If you go for the wrong material, the wrong size, even the wrong fixtures and fittings, it will ruin the entire look of the house. If at all possible try and keep the original windows. Whether they are metal or wood, they can be fully refurbished and can be just as energy efficient and effective as new PVC windows.

Restored Tudor House

Still want to take on a renovation project? Good for you! We hope these tips have gone a little way to mentally preparing you for the task. As with anything in life that’s worthwhile, it comes with it’s challenges,┬ábut also great joy and in the end, a beautiful house you can call your own.

For more information check out Bricks and Brass, they are great source of free advice. If you are looking for a contractor for your own project, give us a call we would be happy to chat with you.