10 Aug How to Create a Home Office You Actually Want to Work in!

Working from home is an awesome perk, but it can quickly become something you dread if all you have is a dark drab space with a desk and an uncomfortable chair. Here’s our top tips for creating a productive space you are happy to spend your days in.

Get a Quality and Comfortable Chair

This is especially vital if you are working from home full time. Back pain from an uncomfortable chair is not conducive to a productive work day. Invest in a good chair, preferably ergonomic and you will never look back.

Natural Light

Prioritise Natural Light

No one wants to feel like they are working in a bunker so try and locate your home office in a place that gets lots of natural light throughout the day, in front of a window is ideal. Get your dose of vitamin D and stay positive throughout your work day.


Assess Your Storage Needs

Even if you are a digitally based business, every business needs storage. It can be stressful and overwhelming to work in a messy environment, piles of paper that aren’t related to the task at hand need to be filed away in easy to reach shelving or cabinets. The key? Making sure everything has a place.

Breakout Space

Create a Breakout Space

They say a change is as good as a rest. Having a different area to relax in is vital for battling brain block or thinking over big decisions.



Do you love cycling? Mount a vintage bike on the wall above your desk. Do pictures of your kids make you giggle at good memories? Surround yourself with family photos. These engaging items that are personal to you can really lift your spirits and keep you going on a difficult work day.

So much of your life is spent working, we figured you might as well enjoy it!

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