Smoke Alarms

We all want to protect our loved ones and ourselves from unexpected danger. So most of us have smoke alarms and even carbon monoxide alarm systems fitted. However smoke alarms are annoying. They go off when you burn the toast and they beep when the battery is low – this usually happens when you’ve just sat down to relax and enjoy your favourite movie.


A government study reported that 50% of residential fires occurred in homes where there was either no smoke alarm, or the smoke alarm was not operational. In many cases people deactivate their smoke alarms because they are irritating.

At Tage we totally understand the dilemma. You want to be safe but at the same time every day life needs to be a consideration. That’s why we design fire and smoke alarm systems to work with real life and real routines.


Some incredible breakthroughs have been made in modern smoke alarm technology. The latest systems can tell the difference between steam and smoke. They can also give you a gentle warning if your toast is burning, rather than triggering a full on alarm. They can even text you to let you know if the alarm is sounding in a genuine emergency. If you need a smoke alarm solution, which works for you and your family, talk to one of our experts who can design the ideal system to suit your unique situation.