Ham Yard Hotel London

15 Dec The Most Colourful Hotels In The World

To keep in step with our month in colour, I wanted to bring to you a collection of the most colourful hotels for an uplifting city break or some style stealing. Easy Right? Wrong. As I was researching some of these colourful hotels, I realised they weren’t making me feel inspired at all. It was as though the theme of colour had been taken just a little too literally with an overkill on the primary colours, contrasted really starkly with white. It was all a little too cold, predictable, maybe even dull. What we really want in a hotel is a vibrant space to reenergise ourselves in. We want our hotel of choice to take all those bold design risks we would never dare take in our own home to give us that sense of luxury and extravagance along with being comfortable and unpretentious. We don’t ask for much do we? I dug a little deeper and ended up finding¬†some cool, quirky and most of all colourful hotels. These three made the edit.


Originally the Missoni Hotel, it certainly still has bags of designer style. Described as being a “maximalist hotel” it almost has a subtle psychedelic vibe going on but it’s offset with stripped wood floors and comfortable textiles. A beautiful hotel in a beautiful city.

G&V Restaurant
G&V Bedroom
G&V Bar


Each floor of this converted brownstone is dedicated to a different colour, teal, blue, green, yellow, orange, you can be immersed in your favourite colour.¬†I like the way they have mixed different shades of the same colour so it doesn’t feel one dimensional plus they have introduced grey tweed furniture which may seem surprising in such a slick hotel but it does add a certain element of earthiness and comfort.

The William NYC Yellow Bedroom
The William NYC Lobby
The William NYC Green Suite
The William NYC Blue Room


I’ve saved the best til last, this is my pick of the bunch. Newly opened in spring 2014, they have the colour spot on for me. Nothing is obvious, the eclectic mix of colours, textures and patterns create such an inviting and fun atmosphere. I noticed that where the colours could have gotten a little overwhelming, it is broken up with amazing natural light from floor to ceiling windows which softens and diffuses. Oh and did I mention they have their own bowling alley? Enough said…

Ham Yard Hotel London Suite
Ham Yard Hotel London
Ham Yard Hotel London Restaurant
Ham Yard Hotel London Afternoon Tea
Ham Yard Hotel London

That was enough colour to combat any December cold! Which hotel is your favourite?