Home Cinema/Home Entertainment Systems

Home entertainment systems are currently going through a paradigm shift. For the last 20 years most technology conscious home owners would be at dinner parties talking about their latest surround sound system which makes them feel like Maverick sitting in the pilot seat whilst the sound of enemy MIG fighters go from left to right behind them. In the last few years things have moved on significantly from those early days of ugly black boxes and endless wires trailing around the room.

Whats new in home cinema?

The latest in home entertainment is about smart TVs, Netflix, Spotify, Sonos wireless Hifi and 3D experiences.

A smart TV allows you to watch catch up TV with apps like iPlayer, stream films from Netflix, watch videos on You Tube, play games or browse your favourite websites wirelessly from the comfort of your living room. The top smart TV brands are Samsung, Sony, LG and Panasonic.

Services like Netflix and Amazon allow you to stream films over the internet, either on a pay as you go basis for each rental or for a monthly fee. No more heading down to Blockbuster with the whole family, spending most of the evening trying to agree on a movie choice. Now you can choose what you want from your living room, and the beauty of it is, the good ones are never sold out.


Your home entertainment system wouldn’t be complete without a Sonos wireless Hi Fi. Sonos allows you to stream music from your phone or PC wirelessly. You can either access your own library or stream over the internet using services like Spotify or Deezer. Sonos offer wireless speakers, but the Playbar also replaces the Home cinema systems of the past, with an elegant wireless solution. No more messy cables? Your wife/girlfriend will love you for that.

At TAGE we love 3D TV and feel that everyone should experience it. If you want to add that extra element to your movie nights, 3D will make the experience even more immersive. What? Minions in 3D? Who wouldn’t want that.