13 Jul Amazing Garden Room Ideas

A garden room is a great way to create more usable space in your home. Whether its a purpose built office so you can work from home in peace and quiet or simply a sheltered space to enjoy al fresco eating in the summer, here are some of our favourite garden rooms from around the web.

We see so many Victorian town houses with ugly lean to’s, these home-owners have made the most of an otherwise undesirable space. What an awesome area to enjoy drinks with your friends on a summer evening!

Stylish lean to

The veranda of this holiday home in Cap Ferret (right) was designed by its architect Jonathan Tuckey as the main dining space of the house. I don’t know why more English homes don’t make use of a covered veranda or patio. With that little bit of extra shelter we could make so much more use of the spring and summer evenings we do get to enjoy.

This studio (left) by architect Charles Morris is where the owner goes to paint. Its glass walls on both sides allow total immersion with the beauty of the view. But even if you are no artist, what a fabulous office space this would make. Even when working on a laptop, an uplifting view can seriously reduce stress and boost your productivity.

Veranda and studio

Transport yourself to North Africa or Tuscany with these unbelievable pergola’s. With a little imagination you can create your very own escape in your back garden.

Covered Terrace

Bri Emery of Design Love Fest completely transformed what was essentially an alleyway down the side of her rental into a beautiful sheltered patio where she can enjoy meals with friends or simply sip her morning coffee in peace and quiet.

Design Love Fest Patio

Now get out and enjoy the summer!


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