12 Jan 5 Things You Need to Know When Planning an Extension

With a focus on selling your property this month, it’s fitting to look into all of your options. With the housing market being incredibly tough at the moment, we are hearing the expression, “why move when you can improve?” banded around rather a lot. Many people are now opting to work with what they already have and improve it by means of an extension. If that is something you have been considering, Tage London is here to help clue you in.

Research Your Area

There is such a thing as over developing. Every street has its ceiling price and although you may be building your extension for yourself, it is a still an investment that you may eventually want to see a return on. The best thing that you can do is speak to a local estate agent with knowledge of the area, find out the types of extensions and renovations that are popular. This will help you set your maximum budget.

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Set a Budget

Setting a budget is key to a successful build. If you are in control of the finances this will take a huge amount of stress out of the process. Don’t be cagey when it comes to sharing your budget with your architect, this way you can get a realistic view of what you can get for your money and the whole team will be on the same page from the get go.

House to Home say “A general rule of thumb is to allow £150 per sq ft of development, and remember you aren’t just thinking about the extension, but the existing space inside, too. If you opt for less expensive fixtures and fittings, you could squeeze this down to £100, but equally, if you go for higher quality this could rise to £200 per sq ft”

Have a Clear Brief in Mind Before Approaching an Architect

Your architect doesn’t know you or your family so it is up to you to figure out exactly what you want from your space. Do you want an open plan space where the whole family can convene? Do you need a home office or an extra bedroom? How do you want that space to feel? Cozy or light and airy? Considering smaller details at this stage will also benefit you. Do you need to build in storage? Do you want to go for a high-end finish? These things will impact your budget so are worth considering.

The architect’s job is to take this brief and come up with the best possible building solution that your budget allows. A well-defined brief lays the groundwork for a good working relationship with your architect.

Hire an Architect

If the work you are undertaking is relatively substantial, we would always recommend hiring an architect. Judith Tugman of Architect Your Home says, ‘It sounds obvious, but builders specialise in building things and architects specialise in designing spaces. Going straight to a builder means you miss out on the crucial design stage. By using an architect, you’ll end up with a home that’s right for you and that you’ll love living in. Remember, too, a badly designed extension can actually reduce the selling price.’

They can also guide you through the planning process and obtain buildings regs certificate. Here at Tage London we work with several trusted architects that we have a great working relationship with and can highly recommend. Get in touch today to find out more.

Obtain Planning Permission

Opting for an architect or contractor that will assist you through the planning process will make this a whole lot easier, however ultimately the responsibility always lies with the owner of the building so you need to know first hand exactly what you need to do to comply with planning laws. Generally, if the property has not previously been extended then you can extend up to 50m2 without obtaining planning permission so long as it is not 10% larger than the original floor space and no higher than 4m above ground level.

The best thing to do is always check with your local authority, a good information resource is Planning Portal

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