16 Mar 5 Reasons Why We Love Sonos

The Simplicity Of It

That’s not to say the system isn’t complex, but a user would never know that. The perfectionist nature of Co-founder and CEO John MacFarlane has resulted in a beautifully streamlined, easy to use sound system that kicks out crystal clear sound. No wires, no complicated installation, just good music.

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The Scalable System

With Sonos you can decide on the quality of sound you need depending on what you need it for. If it’s going in a small room and you just want something quality to listen to your music on then go for a Play:3. Need a bit more bass and volume, pair two Play:3’s or 5:’s together for high impact sound. Now you have that sorted perhaps you need surround sound for your TV, that’s where a Sonos Playbar comes in. The wireless system means you can add to your collection was and when you need to, decide that you did want Sonos in your home office? Not a problem.  This system is designed so you can tailor make it to fit into your life perfectly.

You Can Stream Music From Almost Anywhere

Sonos says you can “stream all the music on the earth”. That is a pretty big claim but one we think they have earnt the right to make. Stream music from your iTunes library, Spotify, Sound Cloud, Pandora and a myriad of online radio stations. And Sonos are always ahead of the pack, constantly adding support, so the listening choices are almost limitless.

Flexible Listening

Having a party? Create awesome atmosphere by streaming the same music to every room. Want to listen to Tchaikovsky while your daughter dances to Justin Bieber in the next room, not a problem for Sonos. Every speaker can have different music streaming to it simultaneously, which may save on a few family arguments! And Sonos have their own super reliable network meaning less audio drop outs.

Sonos App

All Of This Can Be Controlled From The Palm Of Your Hand

As soon as Apple unveiled the iPhone and began accepting third party apps, Sonos began developing a free app that can control your entire system. The benefits were two-fold, not needing to invest in an expensive remote control made the system even more accessible and the sheer convenience of now being able to control it from both iOS and android devices makes Sonos the clear winner in the home audio market for us.