05 Jan 5 Easy Ways To Give Your House Kerb Appeal

When the madness of Christmas is over and January begins, we all wake up from our food comas and with it, the housing market begins to pick up again. For many of us that means getting our house ready to sell. This can be a daunting task, but this month we want to break it down with some top tips that will help you sell for the price you want. It makes sense to start with the very first thing your potential buyers are going to see. You would be shocked at how many house hunters decide they don’t want a property before they have even gone inside, needless to say making your house attractive from the kerb is vital to you selling your home. Here are 5 ways to make sure your house is the prettiest on the street!

1. Fix Up The Cladding

This could include fixing any cracks in the rendering and repainting or even removing dated stone cladding or repointing brickwork. Fixing cracks is especially important, it may be nothing but the buyer might foresee structural problems. Every house is different so stay true to the character while making sure it is fresh, clean and easy for the new owner to maintain.

Black Door
Blue Windows

2. Refurbish or Replace the Front Door

A delightful front door can completely transform the frontage of your house, making it welcoming. Since the whole point is to get potential buyers inside this is well worth a little bit of investment. If your front door has really had it I would consider replacing it but in most cases all it will take is a fresh coat of paint or two and new accessories. Don’t be afraid to go with a bit of colour, Teresa’s Green by Farrow & Ball looks great against a period property, bright red is always cheerful and charcoal grey is contemporary without being dull. Replace the letterbox, door nob and hang a new house number to really finish off the look.

3. Refurbish or Replace the Windows

If your house is draughty and cold because of dodgy windows, potential buyers will not be impressed. Unless it is a doer upper, most people will expect decent double glazing. Just make sure your windows are all matching and match the character of the property as well. If you do  not need to replace the windows, perhaps having them repainted or even just giving them a good clean are all things that will drastically smarten up the house in question.

Amazing House
1930s semi

4. Create Off-Street Parking

Most family’s have at least 2 cars, add teenagers into the equation and you may be talking 3. If your house is in an area with restricted parking, private parking will add a considerable premium on to the house and be a major selling point with potential buyers. Flower beds may be aesthetically pleasing but they also require maintenance and aren’t very useful for much else. Remember to check into planning permission before starting any work.

5. De-clutter

The final tip couldn’t be more simple and cheap. Make sure the front of your home is clean and tidy! You may love your gnome collection but it’s not everyones taste. Kids toys lying around make it feel messy and cluttered. Sweep up any mud and leaves, get the driveway jet washed, hide unsightly wheely bins out of the way. It may not seem like much but piles of clutter do nothing but distract buyers from the real selling points.

So there you have it, we hope this has been helpful, look out for a new Pinboard this week for some great ideas on how to incorporate these tips into your home. Buyers, happy house hunting, sellers, happy decorating!