15 Jun 5 Easy Eco Upgrades

Next time you are staring in horror at your extortionate gas bill, remember there is plenty you can do right now to upgrade your home to eco friendly status and save a whole lot of money while your at it.

1. Install Underfloor Heating

You can heat your rooms without an ugly wall radiator in sight. Not only does it look better, underfloor heating is much more energy efficient and it can be installed in older homes.

2. Insulate Your Loft & Cavity Walls

Uninsulated lofts and cavity walls lose so much energy, you might as well watch your hard earned pounds float away into the atmosphere. Insulating your loft can cost as little as £250 and you will see the return in 2-3 years.

Stylish Double-Glazing

3. Replace Single-Glazing with Double-Glazing

Double-glazing doesn’t have to mean chunky white UPVC anymore. Even character properties can now be double-glazed with designs that are in-keeping. Wave goodbye to drafty windows!

While your at it dress your lovely new windows with some sumptuous heavy curtains, not only will they make for a cosy room but they also help to keep the heat in.

Heavy Curtains

4. Lower Your Thermostat

George Clarke reckons thats lowering your thermostat by just one degree celsius could save you around £60 a year. We think we could manage that!

5. Upgrade Your Boiler

According to gocompare.com “the older a boiler gets, the harder it has to work to heat your home. Age will mean the boiler is less efficient and the risk of malfunction is higher.” With the average boiler installation costing around £2300 and average yearly savings coming it at around £150-£300, the savings are small in the short term. However gocompare.com advises that you will really see the benefits by “reducing the risk of expensive, emergency call out’s” when your boiler decides to pack up.

Now we know many of these things are not new ideas to you, but when you see the tangible benefits of incorporating these eco upgrades and habits into your life, it might just be the extra motivation you need to go for it!

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