27 Apr 2015 Kitchen Trends – The Modern Classic

This month has been an ode to all things kitchen and to round it off we have one final trend for you to take note of, the modern classic, a 2015 take on the traditional. Shaker style cabinet doors are not exactly anything new, but they are set to be even bigger this year. The differences are more in the subtleties of style in your kitchen. These traditional units are being used in a more minimal way and it’s surprising how versatile they are. We are seeing them paired with open shelving, industrial lighting and more modern materials like glass (check out the glass island below!) The result is the perfect combination of warmth, beauty and function.

Kitchen Trends 2015

That glass island deserves another mention, bespoke architectural features such as this can really elevate any kitchen.

Kitchen Trends 2015

Those forest green lowers to the left are bang on trend as are the copper pendants to the right. Both rooms also have an uncluttered and calm feel about them. The open shelving used below right definitely gives the room a more lived in laid back vibe which is how any modern kitchen should feel. These are the subtleties that take a kitchen from traditional to modern classic.

Kitchen Trends 2015

After going¬†through those gorgeous images again I feel apprehensive to even call this look a “trend”. If you ask me it’s here to stay.

Re-doing the kitchen can be a big undertaking and may seem a little intimidating but we hope that these articles have shown you that it is worth it. Having a functional family space that is beautiful enough to live, cook, dance, entertain or do homework in can change your life for the better, we hope you can achieve your dream kitchen this year!

Wishing you a wonderful week from Team Tage!